​Yu Aihua in the research of Hefei International Dry Port and the operation of the China-European train requirements to identify the function of positioning play a strong support

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By September 21 afternoon, the provincial party committee standing committee, municipal party secretary Yu Aihua research Hefei International Dry Port and the operation of China-Europe Class, and hosted a forum. City leaders Shanhu, Zhu Shengli, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Hefei Freight Center, Luzhou Customs and TCL, JA Solar, Changhong Meiling and other responsible persons to participate.

3:30 p.m., Hefei North Station Logistics Base, with the long wind whistle, a China-European liner slowly departed, loaded with home appliances, tires, industrial machinery and equipment and other goods, running to Uzbekistan, which is also the 595th China-European liner opened in Hefei this year. Yu Aihua came to the base, a detailed understanding of China-European liner opening, line, loading capacity, etc., stressed the need to further enhance the China-European liner driving force and radiation, not only steadily improve the number of annual open ranks, but also to enhance the rate of localization of goods.

Hefei international land port project a construction is in full swing, Yu Aihua detailed understanding of the construction progress, and on-site office, coordination to solve the surrounding supporting road network construction problems, required to ensure quality, safety, under the premise of speeding up the construction progress, and strive to put into use around the Spring Festival, as soon as possible to form an efficient support for the collection of goods, distribution of China-European Liner. Subsequently, in Hefei International Land Port Company, Yu Aihua visited the front-line staff, and learned that the average age of the company's employees is 31 years old, he said, the more young people, the more dynamic the city. We will increase the construction of subsidized housing and other efforts, so that more young people who have just joined the work can settle down in Hefei.

At the symposium, the participants talked about their views and suggestions, Yu Aihua listened while taking notes, and discussed with everyone in-depth exchanges. He said, China-European train to find the city's functional positioning, in helping enterprises to alleviate difficulties, open up to the outside world, stable economic growth and other aspects to play a strong support role, to build an important open channel to become Hefei.

One should precisely match the demand. To take the initiative to adapt to the strong development of Hefei photovoltaic, home appliances, new display, new energy vehicles and other industries, explore the establishment of intelligent management system, dynamic grasp of the export needs of local enterprises, as far as possible for the railroad capacity, to increase the frequency of operation, to achieve the transport of all, willing to transport fast.

Secondly, the policy should be optimized precisely. High policy accuracy and practicality, enterprises will have a sense of access. To study the introduction of flexible support policies for the delivery of goods on the China-European train, the implementation of differentiated support, dynamic adjustment, not "a policy tube for many years", to help more Hefei enterprises to go out.

Third, accurate research and planning. The establishment of the municipal party committee comrades in charge as the head of the Hefei International Dry Port Development and Construction Leading Group, the implementation of a monthly dispatch, far planning, combined with the city's overall spatial planning and industrial planning, speed up the preparation of the Hefei International Dry Port strategic planning, high level planning to lead high-quality development.

It is reported that, since the opening of the China-European Liner in Hefei in 2014, the total number of shipments exceeded 2,600, the sea-rail intermodal transport exceeded 170,000 TEU, the import and export trade volume exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars, the value of goods, full load rate and other indicators steadily ranked in the forefront of the country, the localization rate of Anhui goods reached more than 70%, and was successfully approved as the first land port-type national logistics hub in the Yangtze River Delta region.