In the first 11 months, Hefei China-European Liner started a total of 718 trains

发布日期:2022-12-28 浏览次数:38

This is the logistics base of Hefei North Station, and this China-European train behind me is a customized train of Hefei TCL household appliances, which is loaded with 100 TEUs of white goods and other Anhui "specialties", and is now ready for departure. About 20 days, it will arrive at the European region.

This train carries intelligent refrigerators and freezers produced by Hefei TCL independently, more than 4,000 units in total, which will leave the port of Erlianhot and be delivered to European consumers at the beginning of the New Year. Including this train, Hefei TCL has shipped more than USD 2.5 million of home appliances through the China-Europe train since this year.

In the new year, we will highlight the expansion of high-quality return trains to increase new supply channels for imported products of Anhui local enterprises.